The Benefits of Online Payroll Services for Small Businesses

Online Payroll Services

Enlisting payroll services is a new tactic that is being adopted by a large number of small businesses in the US, Canada and the world at large. This is due to the numerous compelling reasons to outsource small business payroll, such as:

  • Potentially significant savings in labor and time
  • Minimization or elimination of costly payroll processing errors
  • Better compliance with tax and government regulatory requirements.

Why Do You Need Online Payroll Services Done For You?

Payroll services for small businesses are designed to help you stay in compliance with the regulations and policies involved in taxes, payroll and IRS reporting. These services are vital if you’re worried about abiding by state and federal regulations or if your business has in the past been fined for payroll mistakes.

When it comes to payroll management, the chances are that you might be using your own in-house accounting software such as Freshbooks or QuickBooks. Such accounting software offers the features you need to comply with all payroll regulations on your own. However, the overall payroll management process could be complicated and time-consuming as your business’s employee base grows. You do not want to find yourself on the wrong side of the federal laws just because you or your bookkeeping manager made an error when processing payroll.

Processing your payroll with an online service will not only help you abide by all regulations and policies but also give you peace of mind. Most of the online payroll services are cost-effective since they help you avert any noncompliance issues and any resulting fines. Buying an accounting software is a cheaper option and can help you save lots of money if you’re confident with your bookkeeping skills. Having a service to deal with payroll reporting, however, will save you money and time if you’re not confident with your skills or when you are out of time to process payroll for many employees. To learn more about how you can get started with QuickBooks Online contact a QuickBooks proadvisor like or reach out on Facebook and ask your questions.

Benefits of Online Payroll Services for Small Businesses

1. Compliance with Crucial Laws and Regulations

Compliance with fundamental laws and regulations such as the Affordable Care Act which comes into effect when your business has more than 50 employees is one of the significant benefits of having a dedicated service handle all your payroll processing needs. These are regulations that require your business to file specific forms and if they are not presented correctly, then IRS can fine you. Although compliance with ACA typically applied to larger enterprises, some other laws such as paying employees accurately and on time are always needed of you, irrespective of the employees you have.

2. Pay Distribution Options

Another benefit of online payroll services for small businesses is that they give you several employee pay distribution options which are checks, pay cards and direct deposits. These pay distribution options make it easy for the employer to disburse salaries to his employees without any hitch. For instance, employees without bank accounts can receive their payments through pay cards so there will be no need for them to open a bank account. An online payroll service knows all the ins and outs of a particular state’s requirements hence will help you pay all your employees in the right manner.

3. Integration With Other Business Solutions

Payroll is the final step of a lengthy procedure. Collecting information before payroll is complex and many business solutions often integrate well with online payroll services to facilitate a smooth running of the process from the beginning to the end. For instance, several time card software solutions will automatically convert your employee hours into a CSV file, and the payroll provider can later use that to calculate every employee’s paycheck.